Complete DF95 Package


The Complete DF95 Package Bundle

  • DF95 Boat fully built and tuned ready to sail
  • 4 Complete Rigs
  • Personalised DF95 Boat Stand
  • DF95 Sail Bag
  • DF95 Onesie Boat Bag
  • Supplied with 2.4GHz Radio with Rechargeable Battery
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The bundle offers you a fully customised bespoke package allowing you the total experience of DF95 Sailing. The boat is supplied fully built, tuned and ready to sail. Supplied with all 4 Rigs allowing for sailing across all wind conditions with your choice of coloured corners and jib luff.

The personalised stand with your name and number allows you safe storage for your boat both at the water’s edge and in the workshop. The Onesie bag allows you to carry the boat without the need for a separate keel bag and offers protection from scratches. The sail bag offers a safe and secure transport for all rigs. Supplied with a 2.4g radio and rechargeable battery.