Ball-Raced Gooseneck


Ball-Raced Gooseneck

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The ball raced gooseneck is designed to give greater control over the mainsail leech as the wind increases. The adjustment screw allows the stainless rod (and carbon blade) to be positioned vertical to the mast or various degrees of arc angle as the screw is released, and the force of the wind pushes against the sail, resulting in the end of the boom lifting up.

When the boat is set up for beating the stainless shaft is vertical - as the mainsail is released the geometry of the gooseneck will change (depending on where the position of adjustment screw).

Light winds - the adjustment screw should be screwed fully in ensuring the shaft is in the vertical position.

Wind increasing - release the adjustment screw to allow the stainless shaft to arc back. (this will tension the mainsail leach on the run)

The IOM gooseneck is available to fit mast diameter of 11.1mm or 12.75mm and can be used in conjunction with round or SAILSetc boom section.